Sensi 3 Ply Earloop Surgical Face Mask – Masker Penutup Muka/Hidung

Rp 15,000

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Masker SENSI Mask 3ply Earloop Surgical Face Mask
Perbedaan masker surgical dan biasa adalah masker surgical (bedah) mempunyai sertifikasi yang diperbolehkan untuk masuk ke dalam ruangan rumah sakit, Artinya masker surgical lebih bagus dan efektif dari pada masker non surgical (biasa)
– Depkes RI AKD 11603010092
– Certified ISO13485 / CE
– Three-ply design protects againts moisture from the outside and protects againts 95% of dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other airborne particles.
– Form-fit deisgns help mask fit countours of the face more securely and comfortably.
– Mask design allows more breathing freedom and comfort.
– Soft, latex-free earloop for extra comfort during ling wearing periods.
– Available in three-pleat fold, bidirectional, or ducbill styles.

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